Composite Technician

Company Name:
Solectria Renewables, VIA Motors, Delta-q Technologies, Plexim, Gridco Power Systems, Terrafugia
Terrafugia's manufacturing and prototyping shop is looking for additional technician support. Our shop environment is clean and well-lit and we use a variety of different materials and production techniques. Our shop is a key part of our research and development team and we are looking for highly skilled team players to join us.
Qualities Sought:
Interest in learning
Strong desire to work
Willingness to learn and to train others
Cleanliness and organization
Willingness to follow instructions and ask questions
Mechnical inclination
A demeanor that is cool, calm & collected
Politeness, conscienciousness, and patience
Basic Required Familiarities:
Hand tools
Vertical milling machine
CNC router
Power tools
Prepreg carbon fiber part fabrication
Bonding techniques for carbon fiber and metals
A wide variety of other hands-on operations
Ability to lift 50 lbs
Valid US Driver's License and transportation
Also Desirable:
Carbon fiber wet lay-up
Woodshop techniques
Machine shop techniques
Previous work history
Vocational school graduate

Don't Be Fooled

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